Weight Loss Program - No HGC is Included in this Package

Med Spa de Abeja is now offering this exclusive diet package at an incredible savings to you, for a limited time. The Weight Loss Program package includes all your necessary shots, initial evaluation meeting with our professional team, and required laboratory tests.

Weight Loss Introductory Package Includes:
Initial visit and consultation 
All required lab work 
Body Mass Index rating 
4 - B12 injections 
Nutritional Counseling 
30 day supply of weight loss supplement


         $ 150.00

Why Is Our Diet Good For You
There are three different types of fat found in the body. Structural fat is found nestled between the skin and organs and is necessary as a protective layer. Normal reserve fat is the layer that supplies the body with energy when calorie intake is too low. The abnormal fat is what forms as extra fat in hips, waist, thighs and buttocks and is not used for anything. This is the only fat that is consumed. Many ask why a low calorie diet would not lead to the same results. The facts are simple. By starving your body of protein and vitamins, it will take whatever is needed from any type of fat, including structural and normal reserve fats. This is why once you stop a low calorie diet, not only are lean muscles destroyed but the weight comes back with a vengeance as abnormal fat. Nothing was really accomplished except for redistributing the fat.

The fat release program consists of three phases. The first phase consist of building up your
fat reserves by eating as much as you like for two days while beginning the treatment. After this, phase two is started. For the next 23 to 40 days, a 500-calorie diet consisting of vegetables, fruits and two meals of 3.5 oz. of protein are followed. Phase three is the maintenance part of the diet and a new way of living. Each as much as you want as long as starches and sugar are eliminated.

The reason for Phase 1 is to get the adjustment period for the body before the regiment begins. After two days, the brain will have had ample time to know that the release of fat is to start. Adding to the fat reserves during this period is crucial by signaling what process needs addressed. As you enter into Phase 2 of the program, an average weight loss of 1-2 pounds per day will be seen. You continue for the amount of days that it takes to get to a desired weight. Going into Phase 3, continue on the 500-calorie diet for two days to allow fat to completely leave your system. No more treatments should then be needed.

What Are The Benefits Of The Diet?

Testosterone levels are slightly elevated and metabolism is increased
A redistribution of fat is realized and one notices a decrease of flabby fatty areas
There is no starvation from lack of calories because the body is naturally fulfilled
Fat burning without compromising muscle is produced
An increased libido in both men and women have been reported
A decreased craving for sweets
Inexpensive and simple program to follow